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ALGLIB uses dual licensing model. It can be used under GPL 2+ which suits needs of scientists, researchers, engineers. GPL allows free use and free modification of ALGLIB, but any derivative work (i.e. application using ALGLIB) must be distributed under GPL license too (copyleft requirement). It is good for those who just wants to solve some computational problem or to use ALGLIB in other GPL projects.

However, copyleft requirement is not good for commercial users. Basically, it means that you a) must distribute your program along with source code and b) can't restrict your users from copying your program, reselling copies or distributing them for free. That is where commercial license comes in. Commercial license:

Here is comparison of two ALGLIB editions – commercial and open source:

  Open Source Edition Commercial Edition
License GPL 2+ Commercial
Functionality Same
User can see/modify source code Yes
Can be used in GPL applications Yes No
Can be used in commercial applications No Yes
Target audience Researchers,
open source developers
Commercial users
Price Free Price list

Скачать ALGLIB

Here you can download GPL-licensed version of ALGLIB. Commercial users may use GPL-licensed code as unlimited trial version. But if you want to distribute something that includes GPL-ed code, you have to either distribute it under GPL too or buy commercial license.

3.x branch
Change Log
alglib-3.4.0.cpp          zip   tgz          версия на C++
alglib-3.4.0.csharp          zip   tgz          версия на C#
alglib-3.4.0.vbnet          zip   tgz          версия на VB.NET
alglib-3.4.0.cpython          zip   tgz          версия на CPython
alglib-3.4.0.ipython          zip   tgz          версия на IronPython
pre-3.x releases
Pre-3.x releases are not compatible with 3.x branch;
however, they will be there for languages which were not ported to 3.x yet
alglib-2.6.0.mpfr.zip   версия с использованием арифметики
произвольной точности (MPFR)
alglib-2.6.0.freepascal.zip   версия на FreePascal
alglib-2.6.0.delphi.zip   версия на Delphi
alglib-2.6.0.vb6.zip   версия на VBA

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ALGLIB is registered trademark of the ALGLIB Project.